श्री पशुपतिनाथ तथा बुद्ध मन्दिर, स्कारबोरो, टोरोन्टो

(Reg. Under Pashupatinath Nepali Canadian Culture Centre) (PNCCC), 2004

(Charitable Organization)

"आप्रवासी नेपाली भाषीहरुको धार्मिक संस्था"

Not for Profit Community based Religious Organisation

The priorities:

  • As the COVID-19 Pandemic emergencies are getting normal in Nepal, the remaining essential items, statues and materials for the proposed temple are being couriered to Toronto. 
  • The executive committee of PNCCC is consistently looking for required land and space to establish the proposed Pashupatinath Temple and a community center. The committee is open to rent or buy a suitable space that fits the budget until it finds a suitable permanent space.

Essential areas for help and donations

  • Economic/ monetary
  • Sponsors

Present Development:

Few items of the proposed Pashupatinath Temple have already been shipped to Canada, from Nepal and will be delivered in Toronto within a couple of weeks.  Those items include:

  1. Shiva Linga, a symbol that represents Lord Shiva made of a single stone which is weighted approx.8 quintals and 4 feet height,
  2. The Statue of Lord Shakya Muni Buddha of 3 feet in height.
  3. The artistic cooper-roof of Pashupatinath Temple that illustrates the traditional background of Hindu Mythology.

  • PNCCC is actively searching the statues of other Hindu deities, such as Lord Ganesh, Saraswati, Laxmi, and Durga in the local market. These statues are an integral part of the proposed Pashupatinath Temple, and they will be installed inside temple premises in near future.
  • PNCCC is maintaining regular correspondence with the government in regards to establishing this entity as a registered Charity.