श्री पशुपतिनाथ नेपाली क्यानेडियन संस्कृति केन्द्र, २००४ 

Pashupatinath Nepali Canadian Culture Centre (PNCCC), 2004

(Charitable Organization)

"आप्रवासी नेपाली भाषीहरुको धार्मिक संस्था"

Not for Profit Community based Religious Organisation



Primary objective:

  • To establish, operate, maintain, and support a house of worship with services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of the Hindu faith.

Secondary objectives:

  • Establish a temple of the Lord Pashupatinath in Scarborough, Ontario Canada.
  • Conserve, protect, and promote Hindu cultural and religious values, and transfer knowledge and community welfare practices to the next generation. 
  • Pursue the longstanding respect and understanding among Hindu and Buddhist followers.
  • Recognize and promote the diversity of faith and spiritual practices of the Nepalese Hindu community.
  • Promote the understanding and preservation of the overall aspects of Hindu religion, values, culture, languages, and sports.
  • Promote the temple of the Lord Pashupatinath as a traditional place of worshipping adapted to the needs of the local Nepalese Canadian community.

    The coverage area of PNCCC:

    • Ontario, Canada 

    Appeal to public:

    • To take Special/ Chief Patronship, Patronship

    • To take General membership and life membership

    • To donate as per their capacity to establish the temple

    • To let the PNCCC share their joyful moments such as Birthdays, Naming Ceremonies, Weaning ceremonies, Secret thread ceremonies (Bratabandha), Marriage ceremonies, Anniversaries, etc. through the PNCCC Facebook page.

    • To let PNCCC share condolences messages on someone’s death, etc. through its official Facebook page.

    Celebration of Religion

    Enhancement of Events

    Preservation of Culture