श्री पशुपतिनाथ नेपाली क्यानेडियन संस्कृति केन्द्र, २००४ 

Pashupatinath Nepali Canadian Culture Centre (PNCCC), 2004

“आप्रवासी नेपाली भाषीहरुको धार्मिक संस्था”

Opportunities to Sponsor:

 The PNCCC requests donations to contribute with local entrepreneurs, businessmen, and individuals, and to sponsor the following items whether in memory of their lovable late relatives or in their free will:

  • Ganesh Statue
  • Durga Statue
  • Saraswati Statue
  • Standing Lamp (Panas) 2 pieces
  • Shiva Linga and Basah (Carving completed)
  • Statue of Shakya Muni Buddha (Carving completed)
  • Furniture needed in the temple
  • Or anything needed in the temple

The appeal of the PNCCC to the public:

  • To take Special/ Chief Patronship, Patronship
  • To take General membership and life membership
  • to donate as per their capacity to establish the temple
  • To let the PNCCC share their joyful moments such as Birthdays, Naming ceremonies, Weaning ceremonies, Secret thread ceremonies (Bratabandha), Marriage ceremonies, Anniversaries, etc. through the PNCCC Facebook page.
  • To let the PNCCC share their loved one's death, anniversary deaths (shraddha) and condolences messages, etc. through the PNCCC Facebook page.